Shakespeare Commons

Training for teachers, artists, and leaders.

Unlock Shakespeare for your students

Shakespeare Commons’ Shakespeare in the Classroom courses help equip you to teach students in the classroom context by providing tools for getting students on their feet, active, and engaged in the work of discovery and ownership in challenging and rewarding material.

Chart a path through the text

Planning a Shakespeare play? Hoping to ace your next audition? Shakespeare Commons’ Shakespeare for the Artist courses empower you with tools to help you reveal the text inside and out. Ideal for artists seeking further training or for high school students seeking quality college prep in areas of English, Theatre, and leadership.

Solve your leadership puzzle

Ideal for community leaders, military and civic organizations, small businesses, and large corporations, Shakespeare Commons’ Shakespeare & Leadership track helps team-building, leadership generation, and collaboration in your organization or for individuals seeking further development.

Elevate your performance

Shakespeare Commons courses are integrated with rehearsal, workshop, and performance offerings at Sweet Tea Shakespeare. Work closely with artists, including local, regional, and national professionals, education artists, and new friends.

Certificates & CEUs

Earn one of three certificates in Shakespeare in the Classroom, Shakespeare for the Artist, or Shakespeare and Leadership after taking courses in your selected track. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are available for teachers.

Face to Face and Online Learning

Currently, all courses are taught face to face in Fayetteville. Online modules arriving in 2016.

Reduce the intimidation factor

Shakespeare continues to be required reading for Common Core and state learning standards, though teachers of English, history, and drama continue to be intimidated by elements of Shakespeare’s language, historical context, and stagecraft. This intimidation puts them at a disadvantage in the classroom. Additionally, NC teachers are required to complete 8.0 CEUs over a five year period, including 3.0 CEUs of work in academic subject areas. Participants earning the certificate in the Shakespeare Commons program will achieve their CEU requirements.

Develop leadership skills

Corporate, civic, and military leaders seek ways to develop their professional staff around a common language and set of ideals. Our leadership track helps participants understand how early modern theatre company models offer clues in leadership development.

In our courses, participants will learn to articulate concepts related to collegiality, collaboration, buy-in, and management styles cued by early modern theatre companies.

Participants will also evaluate Shakespearean texts for models of leadership exhibited by Shakespearean characters.

Participants will work to convert their understanding of Shakespearean leadership into practical settings in their place(s) of work.

Know thyself

Learn how to tackle a Shakespearean text by mining it for clues. Play Shakespeare with understanding and clarity, conquering your fear of Shakespeare. Get down and dirty with verse, metrical feet, iambic pentameter, line irregularities, and rhetorical patterns. Aim to apply concepts regarding Shakespeare’s text and stage craft into audition pieces and live performances. Integrated Shakespeare and modern acting traditions into effective performances.

O this learning, what a thing it is!

The Taming of the Shrew, I.2

Jeremy Fiebig


Jessica Schiermeister

Assistant Director

Jessica Osnoe


Ruth Nelson


Medina Demeter



This Program will enable students to:

Develop their knowledge, understanding, and enjoyment of Shakespeare’s plays

Develop new critical skills with which to approach Shakespeare on page and stage – and, by extension, skills of literary criticism and appreciation applicable more generally

Discuss and debate their ideas with other participants and with the critical tradition

Feel more confident in going to see an unfamiliar Shakespeare play

Revisit school or other previous experiences of learning Shakespeare and see how the field has changed

Be Transformed

Shakespeare Commons is Sweet Tea Shakespeare’s professional development, leadership, and artistic growth program. Offering a robust slate of courses, workshops, working rehearsals, and performances. Participants will discuss the impact, artfulness, and meaning of these plays with Shakespeare scholars; reveal understandings of and integration with the world of Elizabethan and Jacobean theatre; participate in rehearsals, workshops, and performances as audience or artist; and engage in elements of performance, including sessions with professional actors and/or directors.

Let’s take the next step and work together